4 years later, the foundation remains the same even though wisdom brings some new perspective

The world is your oyster

The world is your oyster

It’s been 4 years. Four years since the last post. Enough time to put everything away, to say goodbye to most of the stuff, to the old life and set sails for the high seas… of cheese 🙂 Even seemingly impromptu decisions take months and, sometimes, years of planning.

Getting rid of stuff wasn’t so easy… No, not because we were attached to stuff but because there was so much of it… and you had to do something with it. I mean, it wouldn’t be right to just trash it. It really wasn’t trash. Somebody could use it, or we could sell it and keep the funds for our future plans. Lots of decisions had to be made. Sometimes planned, sometimes very quickly. All in all, it is amazing how much one can accumulate in a one bedroom apartment. Closets just kept on giving us more, with no end in sight.

We persevered. It was like having another full time job, it was tiring, exhausting. Clearly, not everyone was cut out for this. But we did it. We liberated ourselves and by the end of August 2011 we were without stuff, without a permanent home, but with plans that engulfed the whole world… “The world is your oyster”… And it was time to grab it.

For a year and a half we moved around, absorbed new sights, places, experiences. But, most of all, we learned that to feel bigger than your tiny (and, let’s be frank, compared to the world even a mansion is tiny) domicile, one has to get out and experience the world, other cultures, other foods, other customs.

We expected the travels to give us more than we’d expected… we weren’t disappointed…